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You Can See Forever
by Anthony Teresi

A collection of six highly impressionistic works blending the mediums of music, vision, prose and soundmagic. Each of the six pieces of music found on this CD have a corresponding "StoryVision". (Original prose written by Anthony).

A "StoryVision" describes in words what the music portrays in sound. This is soaring transformational music that calms the soul, touches the heart, and lifts the spirit! It is right out of the future/past where music and imagination combine with magic to create the most vivid displays possible - the one's in the Heart, Mind and Soul of all Creation.



It is night... There is a dark forest where two armies seek each other. One is led by a mighty king, the other by a mighty queen. As they lay their heads down to sleep, each dreams that they find themselves in the midst of a clearing... When their eyes meet, they are unaware that the other is the very foe they seek. Mightily are they drawn with attraction at first sight, and love is born. All too soon, they hear the sounds of their warriors stirring. They are drawn back into themselves, awakening to once again resume their search. When these two do find their way to each other it will not be a savage deadly moment, it will, instead be glorious!

The Modomani
Across the deep dark expanse of space streaks the starship Modomani... Its mission at last complete, a hero’s welcome awaits, in a place called HOME, a land that none of the eight thousand five hundred forty-three crew members have ever seen. The starship had originally departed some two hundred thirty-three years earlier to make contact with the Loolanchra System. Even at light speed, the distance was so great they all knew they would marry, have children, grow old and die, as would their children and their children. The crew now returning are the descendant sons and daughters of the original crew of the Modomani. They will be landing in a strange new land where they will be held in the highest esteem and life will be better than it has ever been. There will be great celebrations and all will soon praise the day they finally arrived at this wonderful place called, HOME!

Remembering Home
"Would you like another pillow?" asked the flight attendant. The man smiled and nodded... As he gazed out of the window, his thoughts were far away. He just couldn't fathom what it was going to be like returning home after all these years. A moment later, he was sleeping. And soon, dreams came... Rich lush dream tapestries of memory giving rise to the sights and sounds of his youth. Sweeping arrays of family and friends, places and events came to him in the warmest of feelings. He rea1ized he had chosen to leave it all behind. It seemed like such a long time ago, but, for that split second, he was there again. He could see so clearly the results of his decisions, and how very different his life would have been had he made other choices... The flight attendant stopped for a moment to peek. Even after all these years in the air it still gave her a special feeling whenever she saw someone sleeping and smiling at the same Time...

She awoke gently, but for a moment, it was as if she were still dreaming. What her eyes were seeing could only be seen in a dream. She was in a beautiful plush chamber hall with walls that seemed to be made of liquid light. Rose, lavender, and violet shimmered like firelight over the constantly changing and gently pulsating opalescent walls. Where Am 1? She half whispered. You have come to the great hall of the Witness said a soft gentle voice. “It is here that the records are kept of every person that has ever been. That is a long, long time! she thought. There was a pause, and then lovingly, the voice continued… “Please believe me when I say that there is only the Eternal Ever Changing Now... Time is only an illusion" (An illusion? she wondered) "From Here you can see how the Golden Threads of your many lives intertwine to become a direct reflection of your real Life. Behold!" Suddenly the walls came alive in elaborate schemes and countless Epochs of life after life spent in the pursuit of perfection. It amazed her to see how she grew from each life's intense pursuit of Passion, Desire. Love, Wisdom, and Transcendence... It was pure rapture. She could only whisper softly, “It is so beautiful... Then, in that one mighty moment the full exalted glorious majesty of her Supernal Transcendent Spirit burst upon her consciousness in the full-blown completeness of total knowing. She saw herself as she really existed, not in the blindness of time, but rather in the Completeness of Timelessness. From the present, she realized that both the past and the future were actually One. "WE ARE ALL" she gasped. "Nol Nol Wait!" It was then that the highest Truth of All revealed itself before Her... WE ARE ALL ONE!

The Sirens of Kalamata
Legend has it that while exploring the world, the great Ulysses came upon an island from which could be heard the faintest sweet song of beautifully haunting angelic voices that seemed to beckon to him and his men. At once Ulysses felt a shiver run down his spine as he remembered the warning of the seer upon the eve of His departure. “Do not land at this place for if you do it will cost you your ship. your crew and your very life! Ulysses was ready. He ordered his men to row past the island and not to stop under any condition. He had his officers lash him to the mast and ordered them not to obey any order he gave them until they were well past the Island. His men then sealed their ears with wax and rowed in silence... Thus, did Ulysses become the only man to ever hear the haunting call of the Sirens Sweet Song and live to tell about it.

The Longing
Life is simple on the planet Rhasaria. To the casual observer it would seem to be a very uneventful way of life. Yet, there is an extraordinary event that occurs each day, just past noon. As the Rhasarians are going about their daily tasks, the heavens begin to glow! Soon, incredibly beautiful celestial beings arrive to commune with all life on Rhasaria... Quite suddenly, the Rhasarians will stop what they are doing and gaze upward toward the heavens appearing to be transfixed in Rapture... When the heavenly hosts depart, the Rhasarians go back about the business of their daily lives. They never actually speak of these visitations; yet, there is a wonderful sense of love and harmony among these people... Beauty. Peace and Love reign here supreme.

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